IBM Impact 2012 was a great success. Undoubtedly, IBM BPM and Cloud Computing had the spotlight during the event. We launched SimplyBPM which is our solution offering for IBM BPM at Impact. We also got the opportunity to speak to a few of IBM BPM users and potential users about our solution and service offerings. Including us, there are a few short of 100 partners that showcased their offerings in the Solution Center and with all the knowledge sessions there was a lot of information up for grab at the event. So in this newsletter I would like to highlight some of our capabilities and how we can contribute towards building a successful IBM BPM Center of Excellence in your organization.

Our Services

Business Process Management and IBM BPM

We know IBM BPM inside out. We have had a BPM practice for over 5 years and we have worked closely with Lombardi Teamworks even prior to IBM acquisition. We have among the biggest pool of certified IBM BPM resources. On our implementations, we work closely with business SMEs in discovering the process, building and improving it and also getting the most ROI. Using the approach we follow, we also involve and mentor your in-house resources thru the implementation of the process so that the knowledge gained is retained by your organization.

Some of our BPM service offerings are:

  • Process Discovery
  • Enterprise Architecture and Process Design
  • Setting up BPM Center of Excellence and Governance
  • Introduction of agile playback methodology in the enterprise

Simply BPM which is our solution offering for IBM BPM includes:

  • Industry Solutions
  • Ready to use Common Toolkits
  • Center of Excellence Manager
  • Out-of-box Managerial Reports
  • Integration with other external systems

SimplyBPM is the developed using our years of industry experience and uses the industry best practices which would enable you to quickly develop the business process and put more focus of process optimization rather than worrying about common reusable components. All these features allow you to get faster ROI and put you ahead in the game. The industry solutions or pre-packaged applications are production ready and could be used as-is or are easily customizable as per your needs. This severely reduces the development time many folds.

We also offer Migration service for Lombardi customers who are still running version 5 or 6 and would like to migrate to IBM BPM 7.5 or 8. Our Migration solution includes best practices and guidelines for migration based on our prior experience on similar initiatives.

ILOG and IBM Decision Management

We have very good experience in ILOG implementations and interfacing ILOG with IBM BPM. We would help you design and author your business rules for prompt automation using ILOG and IBM Decision Management tool. Some of our offering on the BRMS front are:

  • Architecture and Design of the Rules Solution
  • Define life cycle for the Business Rules
  • Mentor business SMEs in Rule Authoring
  • Setting up governance of the Business Rules
  • Managerial Reports for Auditing Rules Change

IBM Business Monitor

We offer services to help you utilize IBM Business Monitor to design a complete graphical dashboard over your business processes that would give you more visibility over what is exactly going on within the processes. Here is what we offer:

  • Create a framework for quickly building Reports and Dashbaoard
  • Crate reports on in-flight as well as historical data
  • Mentor in-house resources to develop reports

Apart from these, we also have experience resources in WebSphere MQ, Message Broker, Portal Server, Tivoli, Cognos, ECM, Sterling and Cast Iron.

Feel free to email Joana Flores at if you have any questions or would like to learn more about any of our offerings.