Organizations are using technology to transform the way they operate, develop new competencies, innovative revenue models, enhance customer experience, and improve overall processes, which is essential to remain competitive and relevant today. This fundamental change to how they do business is referred to as Digital Transformation.

To succeed in the Digital Transformation effort, organizations have to be agile and experimenting with new ideas. Business Process Management (BPM) as a technique enables organizations to look at their business processes holistically, run simulations, measure process performance and evolve the process. BPM, if done right, can definitely help organizations drive Digital Transformation.

Lot of BPM projects get trapped in the complexity of BPM suites and rather than solving for process issues, they end-up spending effort on implementing and customizing features of the BPM tools. The key to success is to filter BPM and the process improvement effort from the clutter of the suite features.

So here is how this can be achieved:

  • Model all processes, simple or complex, using process modelling tool such as IBM Blueworks Live, so it becomes easier to identify processes that still rely on paper trails or verbal tasks that can be difficult to track and measure.
  • Design every process to have the ability to handle ad-hoc events so that the organization can handle unexpected events gracefully without any disruptions.
  • Analyze the process performance data periodically to identify improvement opportunities and experimenting with model changes.
  • Design user interfaces to be responsive so uses are free to use any device to perform their tasks.
  • Cloud is key to business agility. Consider running the BPM Process on Cloud.
  • Look for a BPM solution that can cater to internal as well as external users such as a partners and customers.
  • Consider incorporating Enterprise Case Manager (ECM) with BPM. ECM can be a one-size fits all solution for handling most customer service challenges.
  • Finally, keep it simple. Do not overly complicate the solution.

Here at Bizteon, we have developed SimplyBPM, a mini framework for Rapid Application Development (RAD) that is built on Open Stack and is cloud ready. SimplyBPM has all the key features of BPM which add most value to the business. Contact me to learn more about how we can help you drive Digital Transformation in your organization using SimplyBPM.

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