Heard about the near future of IBM BPM from the horses mouth.

Looking at the road map that IBM has to integrate its most sought after products was quiet exciting. When I heard about the various offerings that IBM have and the way they all eventually fold into one and other it is inevidible that it will all merge into one complete solution that IBM provides.

 The key products being offered as bundle:

1. Blueworks Live:

Tool that IBM has for process discovery and design that is typically used by business/process analysts

 2. IBM BPM:

This is the workflow/process automation tool. The runtime environement (Process Server) for the process artifacts and a repository (Process Center) to store all these deployible artifacts.

 3. Operational Decision Management (ODM):

Business rule management and business event processing. This is the main rules authoring and execution frameowork. This mainly focusses on automation and governanace of frequently occuring, repetable decision that control critical business systems. 

 4. Business Monitor:

This is a BAM software which gives you more real time realtime operational visibility. It provides a rich dashboard with lets you make managerial decision on various inflight proesses.

IBM’s idea of combining these 4 powerful tools into a single unified offering is definetly going to be a great value add for the clients.