Last week Apple announced the Apple Watch which will go on sale early 2015. Apple Watch is the newest addition in the wearables space and will come with a number of built-in sensors such as accelerometer, a heart rate Monitor, a gyroscope and an NFC chip. Plus the Apple Watch will have access to other sensors via the connectivity with iPhone.

Apple Watch

Wearable smatwatches have been in the market for over an year. Samsung Gear released last year was a disappointment. Pebble looks good and has some good features, but still lacks a lot. I also tried the FitBit for a few months, but it was very limited with just the one function, charging and also syncing using that USB adapter can be inconvenient at times.

Apple Watch seem to have addressed most of these concerns and packed in a lot of features and options for developers to work with. The feature I like the most is the ability to use Apple Pay via the NFC. Also, it can replace my FitBit and probably some more remote controls. I will be eagerly waiting to get my Apple Watch.

Overall, Apple Watch looks very promising and should be a game changes for the whole Internet of Things (IoT)