I have created a new LinkedIn Group for Lombardi BPM Users. Its called “IBM Lombardi BPM Users Group“.

I guess you must be wondering why this new group when there is already another popular Lombardi Teamworks Users Group. There were two reasons why I decided to creat this new group: 

One, this group will reflect the name change after IBM acquisition. Although the new name is IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition, I deliberately left the “WebSphere Edition” out of the group name to avoid any unwanted attention from other WebSphere non-BPM users. Lets just focus on the IBM’s Lombardi BPM offering.

Second and most important reason is the other groups have become more like job posting groups and there is not much of Lombardi or BPM related discussions. I want to align this group as an alternate to Lombardi Support for technical discussions, issue resolutions, solutions and best practices.

Visit the group home page: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3619395